The Ultimate Bundle: Buy Calming & Furniture Protector Bed, Get FREE Dog Car Seat!

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Calming Bed Size: 60cm

Regular Car Seat Color: Black

Calming Bed Color: Dark Grey

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The Car Seat Belts for Dogs and Cats are an adjustable restraint system designed to keep your furry companion safe while traveling in a vehicle. These seat belts will keep your pet secure and comfortable, giving you peace of mind while you're on the road.

  • Adjustable from 19-31 inches
  • Nylon material
  • Compatible with all cars
  • 2 belts per pack
  • Secure and comfortable restraint for pet travel
HAPPY Dog Relaxing in COMFYPAWS Dog Car Seat Bed During Travel

Give Your Pup The Best!

Experience the ultimate in pet comfort with our premium dog car bed! Now, your pup can enjoy the same soothing qualities as the comfypaws calming bed while on the road. With top – notch safety measures, it keeps your pet secure and your car interior protected. Plus, it’s not just for the car it transforms into a portable bed for your pets travel needs. If your pet suffers from travel sickness or unease this premium car bed will be their dream come true. Whether it’s a short ride of a long road trip you and pet will notice the incredible difference this bed makes on every journey.

Dog Car bed

Why ComfyPaws

There’s plenty of dog bed options available in Australia. Our unwavering dedication to testing and refining has led us to create the most functional and beneficial design on the market. We’re confident it will provide unmatched comfort and support for your pet.

Machine Washable Cover

Keep your pup’s beloved bed clean and smelling fresh with our removable and machine washable cover.

Safe & Secure

Our Dog Car Bed have adjustable safety buckles and anon-skid base for a secure and stable journey. Your pet's safety is our priority!

Raised rim

Our raised rim functions as both a cozy pillow and a comforting barrier, ensuring your pup's sense of security for uninterrupted nights of blissful sleep, every night.

Blissful Sleep
At Comfy paws, we understand your pup needs a safe and cozy bed. Better sleep means a happier dog bringing joy to both your pet and you.
Heavenly Comfort
Your pup deserves a bed that’s pure bliss. Our pet calming bed features extra padding and luscious soft faux fur, creating a heavenly retreat for pups and complete peace of mind for their loving parents.
Unmatched Quality
While you may have encountered cheaper, lower quality dog beds, At Comfypaws we are dedicated to prioritizing quality and creating a durable dog bed that will be cherished for years to come.

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